Simple to make – and unlike anything you’ve had before!

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Two plants you’ve probably never tried:

Belle Isle Cress (round leaves) and Pepper Cress (frilly leaves).

These cress plants are beautiful to look at, and they both have an ultra-radish flavor.  The Pepper Cress has a fruity sweet taste at first, then takes your breath away.  The Belle Isle Cress is a bit more savory, and even stronger in its radish flavor.

I like to eat these plain, pinching them off the plant.  But since they are strong, I came up with a simple but delicious salad dressing that tames this potent flavor into a super dressing for all our other exotic lettuces.

Green Cress Dressing:

  • Cress – Belle Isle, Pepper or both combined
  • Onion powder
  • Freshly ground black pepper
  • Sour cream
  • Mayonnaise
  • Anchovy paste

Puree the cress – I use an immersion mixer, but if you are making a bigger batch, you can use a blender or larger device.

Add all the other ingredients.  I use about 1.5 sour cream to 1 mayonnaise – adjust to your preference.

Anchovy paste adds a great umami to the dressing.  You won’t know it’s anchovy – trust me!

Get these cresses at the Rodgers Ranch Expo and Plant Sale this Saturday, April 4

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